The disease will be cured / We gonna quit!

He friends! Ive almost a lump in my throat while writing this, cause unfortunately we will quit the OPD this summer.
Weve been together since 4 years right now and for all of us the OPD was a wonderful time. We played nearly 50 shows,
released 3 records and had many awesome kilometres and hours together. We met awesome people, shared the stage
with great bands and collected incredible impressions, but now we think its better to leave on a high note.
Nevertheless we dont quit because of any combat, were still best friends under the iron fist of godfather pfeffi.
We all have other priorities and plans for the future and just upholding the band half-assed was never an alternative.
But dont bother, this wont be the last time to see us four together. Seize the chance to see us the last times in Neuss,
Hamburg, Würzburg, Tübingen, Offenburg and Dresden. Maybe there will be a farewell show in Unna, well see…
Thousand thanks to all people, who supported us in any way. Instead of dropping names, wed like to give kisses to those who feel concerned…
/// OPD’11 Lars Frid Ruven Maz