Need a new name – NXDs born

He Guidos, He Guidas! Napo is sick of getting in trouble with the high society, so we decided that its time to finally change our name to NXD, which doesnt mean that we will change anything else, too. No doubt, nothing happened, but we guess its the right time and the right decision. Therefore we needed to change our faceboog page too. Check our new page at No big deal.

In late 2012 we will hit the studio again to record some songs for your pleasure.

Also we repressed our debut LP for the first time. Another 200-250 records come with 3 different silkscreened covers. Grab them at your favourite distro or webshop or easily at – the best of the best of couse.

Besides, thanks for all the help due to our lawsuit money problems, weve collected enough money to pay nearly the half of the costs. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!