Juli 22nd, 2013 NXD on standby

sorry, no more shows this year, no new record, maybe next year, maybe not. still best friends, still fukkin you up,
but first with new our new bands:
LUST SIGNALS (maz/makke+2)
trash heil!

November 13th, 2012 Newsbreak 11/2012

Eh pupils! We got some bigger news for you. How to start?

1) NXD / KOTZREIZ Split 7”
Two of germanys most unbeloved “punk” bands will team up for a nice piece of wax in early 2013. SPASTIC FANTASTIC will do the vinyls, AGGRESSIVE PUNK PRODUKTIONEN the digital warfare. And we will cover each other. Uhhhh, behave. A common tour is also planned for mid 2013. -> KOTZREIZ im Web

2) NXD and DIE EULE IM BART DES JUDAS on the Aggropunk Sampler #3
Yeah, this week we will sign the contract and get rich. Somewhen in early 2013, the Aggroguys will put out their third and last compilation CD, you can grab for nice price conditions at Saturn or for free at Ruhrpott Rodeo 2013. No need to record something new, but we will take part with our radio smasher and LP title track “Fickt Euch Alle”, so you’ll get 40% more punk on this one than on the first ones together. English language, yeah! Check out Aggressive Punk Produktionen via iPad here: http://www.aggressivepunkproduktionen.de

Yeah, but already sold out. Good luck next time!

4) LAST CONCERTS this year
Do yourself a favour and be sure to check us out live and drunk in mid december, pre X-Mas in Leipzig and Berlin. The Pfeffi crew will be forearmed.

Yeah, two of us won’t get rid of everything while longing for more and more fame, groupies and cash. Check out our new sideprojects:
Male Basic and No Effects -> GLITZER

That’s it! :*

Juni 21st, 2012 Need a new name – NXDs born

He Guidos, He Guidas! Napo is sick of getting in trouble with the high society, so we decided that its time to finally change our name to NXD, which doesnt mean that we will change anything else, too. No doubt, nothing happened, but we guess its the right time and the right decision. Therefore we needed to change our faceboog page too. Check our new page at facebook.com/dummundkaputt. No big deal.

In late 2012 we will hit the studio again to record some songs for your pleasure.

Also we repressed our debut LP for the first time. Another 200-250 records come with 3 different silkscreened covers. Grab them at your favourite distro or webshop or easily at www.spasticfantastic.de – the best of the best of couse.

Besides, thanks for all the help due to our lawsuit money problems, weve collected enough money to pay nearly the half of the costs. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!

April 20th, 2012 Abmahnung / Hilfe! /// Lawsuit money / Help!

Hallo Freunde! Eure Lieblingsband hat ein kleines Problem und zwar haben wir von Harald Glööcklers Anwälten eine Abmahnung bekommen, da eins unserer schönen T-Shirts das Konterfei ihres Mandanten trug, welches leider gegen das Marken- Kennzeichen- sowie das Recht am eigenen Bild verstoßen hat. Diesbezüglich müssen wir insgesamt um die 1700 Euro an die Anwälte (die der Gegenseite und unsere) bezahlen. Unterm Strich noch eine milde Strafe, für uns aber leider ein Batzen Geld, den wir kaum aufbringen können.

Deswegen brauchen wir ein bisschen Hilfe, um die Rechnungen bezahlen. Wir haben diesbezüglich ein PayPal Konto eingerichtet, falls ihr n paar Euro über habt, die wir leider nicht haben. Ein paar Solisachen sind auch geplant, allerdings ist das alles noch in weiter Ferne und die erste Ratenzahlung ist schon am 01.05. Wenn ihr Bock habt, uns anderweitig unter die Arme zugreifen – sehr gerne! Haut uns an. Wäre geil, wenn ihr uns unterstützt, wir zahlen es euch auch mit Zinseszinsen zurück… in 100 Jahren!

PAYPAL KONTO: earthcorepunx@web.de

Wenn ihr kein PayPal habt und trotzdem Bock habt, uns n paar Kröten zu schicken, schreibt ne Mail und wir schicken euch die Adresse vom Bandkonto. Steinzeit Style.

Trash Heil! Der NXD Kegelsquad


Howdy partypeople!!
these days we have to deal with this little problem concerning one of our t shirts. It shows the counterfeit of mister Harry Glööckler and what can i say… harry did not really dig that, for sure. Actually this mistake charges us around 1700 Euros for his and our lawyer. The thing is that we actually do not have that much money and the first payment by installments is scheduled for the first day of may. What a pity. So if you got some bucks left maybe you would like to help us out, this would be incredibly awesome !! We will also release some cool stuff in the next days to make some money, but this will last some more weeks for the making. So if you wanna help us you are totally welcome to send your money via paypal : earthcorepunx@web.de ! If you dont have a paypal account please send us a mail and well get back to you with our bank account details. Oldschoolish!

T-h-a-n-k-s! The NXD Horse Club

Januar 18th, 2012 “Fickt Euch Alle” 12” OUT NOW!

He pals! Our debut LP is out since around 3 weeks now and it seems that we gonna sell this pretty fast! Seems understandable. Get your copy at Majorthreat, Greenhell, Per Koro, Contraszt, Kink Records, Wanda Records, Punkdistro, Prügelprinz Records, Search For Fame, Höhnie, Plastic Bomb and several others. If you dont want to waste money on a crappy piece of wax, search for it on Google. Its already leaked. If you want to purchase one of the last colored versions in pink or blue get in touch via www.spasticfantastic.de or www.crapoulet.fr ! Besides we are searching for shows this year, so mail us if you can organize something at earthcorepunx(a)web.de and check out our side project Die Eule im Bart des Judas!

November 22nd, 2011 “Fickt Euch Alle” 12” Preorder NOW!

Yo! Our new 18track longplayer will soon be available through Spastic Fantastic and Crapoulet Records.
Try to catch that limited vinyl and silkscreen specials at www.spasticfantastic.de ! Cheers and fuck you all!

Oktober 23rd, 2011 Recordings this weekend

Whuuu, your favourite hipster punks will record around 15 to 20 songs for an upcoming debut LP called “Fickt euch alle” on Spastic Fantastic and Crapoulet Records this weekend. As you all love NXD for, we wrote some songs for everyone, some for the lovers, some for the haters, some quicker ones, some more stomping ones. We’re all more or less excited and look forward to present you some songs next week, as well as some preorder action for the upcoming long player. Forward this to your friends, 2012 will be the beginning of the end.

Mai 16th, 2011 Need gigs for our Eurotrip 2011 /w NIHIL BAXTER

We’re going on tour between the 25th and 31st july 2011 together with our friends in crime NIHIL BAXTER!
If you could help us out with a show in spain, france, netherlands, swiss, austria or somewhere else between
write us a message earthcorepunx@web.de
See you end july!

April 26th, 2011 Split Tape with The Maladroits Repress

Our buddy Olivier from Crapoulet Recs. made a limited re-run of the long time sold out splittape with our mates from the Maladroits.
Order it directly via Crapoulet Records or buy it through us on. We have a handfull of them…

Februar 28th, 2011 New Split Tape with Idiot Talk / New dates!

Before Markus left we recorded some more songs to shorten the time till our debut LP in summer
so heres our Split Tape with IDIOT TALK from France. Thanks to Yakuzzi Tapes and Give Us A Chance Records!

Here’s a song from that one while showing some crazy dancemoves, you might could dance to:

Also, we’re hitting the roads again in two months, so come and bring much Pfeffi: